Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well, I think Ashton has a phobia. We were gallivanting around Toys'r'us admiring a variety of outdoor toys we could buy for Ashton like swing set, etc. for his 1 year birthday. Actually we were there to buy a new high chair for him and decided to walk around and dream.

Sonny found a huge stuffed Nemo (from the cartoon movie, Finding Nemo) - it's a huge orange fish with big bug eyes and white stripes. Ash freaked out when Sonny stuck the fish in his face. All out bawling. Strange thing is that Sonny played with the fish around Ashton by making it swim in the air, you get the idea, and ash was completely fascinated until the fish got too close for comfort.

Phobia of cartoon fish?

Does he have a possible phobia for real fish as Ichthyophobia. Nah! One of those moments!

Danny, Sonny's grandpa, has declared the name of my phobia: DEOP Phobia aka. Deep End of the Pool Phobia

Any challengers?

Here's more photos!

King of the Couch

Mommy & Ashton

3 Muskeeters



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