Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Unnamed Phobia

I think I actually have an unnamed phobia. I challenge anybody to find a name for my phobia.

I just went swimming today at the pool. I have not gone swimming for a long time and I'm not a 'swimmer'. I do swim, thankfully, but just not interested in swimming because I have a fear of the deep end of the pool. I wanted to get into swimming to lose weight and get back in shape. I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease so I better buck up and get crackin'!

I'm get freaked out around deep water and how the pool looks VERY blue where the deep water is. Most pools has a 10 ft or deeper drop off which freaks me out. I get anxious about the idea of walking on the bottom of the pool then losing my footing then flailing in the deep blue water. I am just fine at beaches, lakes, rivers, and shallow water at the pool. 4 ft is great with me.

I found this website with a listing of phobias. It's still a work in progress because there's always a new phobia out there somewhere. The website is:

Here are several of the most interesting (and sad) phobias:

Thinking- Phronemophobia (what the heck?)
sermons - homilophobia (what about the devout christian parents of children with this phobia, will they accept that?)
phobias - phobophobia (harhar! *cackles*)
Peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth - Arachibutyrophobia (huh?)
jews - judeophobia (*gasp*)
There is also phobias on Germans, Chineses, Japanese, and several other cultures
Learning - sophophobia (how the heck you can avoid learning?)
Computers or working on computers - cyberphobia

I hope Ashton never develops a phobia but it can strike at any time. Some people have terrifying fears of dogs because they were bitten by a dog when little. It's not fair to any phobia-afflicted people that they miss out wonderful experiences of life. I only venture out to deep water for a short time as long there are a lot of people there. I can't be in a pool alone.

Until next time!


Yimmi Linz said...

Actually, hydrophobia, is not only the fear of water, but the fear of deep water or water you can drown in (see for reference).

If taken only literally, hydrophobics would fear tears, puddles, dripping faucets, etc.


jamallya said...

There is a word for almost every fear known to mankind, including a work for fear of fear, and fear of deafness