Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Take a look at this website: http://www.picaboo.com/

It's a photo publishing company where you can download software to put together a photo book. All you need is a PC, Picaboo software, and tons of photos.

I am seriously considering making a new wedding album. Eons ago, Sonny and I put together a very detailed instructions of what photos we wanted on each page of our 'official' Wedding Album and sent it back to Sonny's parents, Kim & Bob in Rapid City, for them to give to Samuel Studios, our wedding photographer. We also sent a note saying that we added extra pages and that we would pay the difference.

They sent back the wedding photo book and it was opposite of what we put together. They did not follow what we want. I don't know what happened. Perhaps there was miscommunication between Sonny’s parents, Samuel Studio and us. Nobody communicated with us of what would happen. Nobody told us that they would be rearranging the pages. At that point, we perhaps would have explained in our way instead of depending on someone else to coordinate this.

Worse Problem:
They left out a photo of myself with my mom, June. I thought, no big deal, when I have time, I would order more and add it to the book.

Time got away from us and a year ago in 2004 or 2005, I decided to call Samuel Studios to find out if I could buy the negatives so I could print the photos myself and add it to the wedding photo book and plus make a couple of prints to give out to family.

Worse, worse Problem:
Samuel Studio claimed that they tried to get in touch with us and Kim & Bob and never got in touch so they threw away ALL of the negatives excluding those that was printed in the wedding book we got. They also threw away the proofs. How the heck did communication have lost there? I feel it is absolute DISRESPECT that they didn’t try harder to get in touch with us because those pictures are OURS. Those photos are a snapshot to the past.

Worse, Worse, WORSE problem:
One of the negative was the photo of my mom and me. I asked them to double-check and go through the files to make sure they didn't overlook that photo. NOTHING. I was FURIOUS. I was seeing red with rage. Somehow, between giving specific instructions of where EACH photo should go to each page, and what photos I wanted printed, those information got messed up and we did not get the wedding book that we wanted.

I still am furious about it and still think about the photo album from time to time. I supposed you could call it obsession but what bride wouldn't obsess over their wedding? Those photos are a portal to our most cherished memories and if it wasn't followed out of our desires, those cherished memories are lost.

How does Picaboo.com come in the picture?

Luckily, Danny, Sonny's grandpa, scanned all proofs before giving to us to look through and select photos and gave us two CDs. I checked it myself. Mom and my picture are there. I could have it printed professionally but most photo printing places require documentation that Samuel Studio approved the print and I didn't want to go through the hassle.

I think putting together my DREAM Wedding Photo Album via picaboo.com with absolutely NO interference from anybody would work out very well. I will be able to rearrange the photos my way and especially make sure all parents pictures are there including the photo of myself and my mom. I wish there was some way we could have avoided the problems with Samuel Studio and communication because something got lost along the lines and I'm left with the mess.

Keep a vigilant eye on the photographer! Check frequently about having photographer sell the negatives. Commonly, photographers wait a year before selling negatives.

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