Thursday, March 09, 2006

Take a look at my new house! The house is almost done! The carpet is in, walls are painted, everything is in. They have already poured the cement driveway and patios. My current house is still on the market but we have dropped the price to 144,900 in hopes to sell it faster. We really want to move to the new house so badly.

The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, two living areas, large kitchen and dining room. The garage is a 2 car garage and the house is completely wired. The little techno geek in Sonny got extra intranet and cable wiring throughout the house. In fact, the family room has cable outlet on each wall. Can you really blame us? The 'bored housewife' in Angela likes to rearrange furntiure. Who wants to see a long black/blue cords trailing from one wall to another wall to the TV.

Here's more photos on the Build Status website with amazing photos of the interior.

To access the photos, just goto
Enter the following in the Family Share ID field:
Click the 'Submit' button to view the photos.

We have requested bids for landscaping. We are hoping to get our dream landscape that is under our budget. Keep fingers crossed! We are asking for a few mature trees, flowers that bloom every season of the year, roses, a garden for veggies, and a long line of burning red bushes on the back. Later we'll install a fence.

The backyard is huge which is perfect for our future dog if the husband would agree to the wife's request to have a intelligent big dog. The wife thinks all little dogs are mindless yappers.

We are getting a central vac system installed after we move in! We are really looking forward to the convience of a central vac.

A deaf mom thought: The model home orginally has a closet in front of the front entryway. The deaf in us convinced Stencil Construction to remove the closet and make it in one open space where we can see everything! We have not regretted that decision since! The model home photo with the closet in the middle is in this link:

The closet is either to the side of the kitchen or to the side of the living room. It's right smack dab in the middle of the room!

That's it of our little commentary of the new home. Wish us luck that our current home sells fast!


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