Thursday, March 09, 2006

From time to time, I'll be talking about political and controversal type of stuff. I want to explain that my opinion is my own personal opinion and I enjoy debating pros and cons. I am using this blog as a sounding board to express my opinion and you all are welcome to use comments below to refect your opinions. I will not tolerate any disrespect to my and others opinions and would hope everybody would use this to listen and understand everyday's happenings in the world. My only request is that you maintain being open-minded. If you feel you can't, please do not return to this blog.

I have been thinking about this ground-breaking abortion measure that was just signed in effect by Gov. Rounds a few days ago.


I find this article very interesting - this article is about Bush's opinion on the new abortion measure.

I used to fully support women's choice but when did women's choice become all about abortion? lately, womens lib has been harping on the importance of womens choice and it all has been about the right to keep or abort a baby. In good consience, I can't support womens choice anymore because it has becoming to be all about abortion not jobs, equality, equal wages, and so forth.

I'm all for the child's choice. Ever since I had Ashton, I can't imagine aborting him. He has been the light of my life. It breaks my heart when I hear about anybody's aborting a child or carrying the child to term then dumping the child in the garbage or even killing the baby. The child's heart can be HEARD and SEEN beating via ultrasound at SIX weeks in utero. It shows you that the baby is ALIVE, BREATHING, and MOVING. How can I, in good consience, kill a living thing?

I feel that womens choice should evolve more to a choice between birth control OR no birth control. This should be the woman's choice - not the choice to eliminate a living thing. It should be the choice to become pregnant or not. The woman is responsible for their own body; therefore, responsible to ensure she does not get pregnant.

Now - if the baby was a result of rape, my opinion here, the child should not be aborted but the rape victim has a CHOICE to go to the doctor and request the morning after pill to ensure she does not get pregnant resulting from rape. If the woman gets pregnant, it is not the child's fault.

I would encourage all women and men to think before they act and that they have a choice to be protected or not. You CAN choose to be a parent.


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