Friday, August 03, 2007

No words can explain this...

Yesterday, Sonny had to work late so he got the morning off. We decided to grab advantage of the morning off to boot Ashton in preschool and go looking for computer armiores. We need one that can shut and lock so the kidlets can't get in. We drove off towards Pinellas Park in search of the perfect computer armiore.

We drove to Wood You and found out it doesn't open till 10 so we decided to drive looking for another furniture supplier for the time being and we drove past Ashley Homestore. We looked at eachother and YEAH! Lets go in. We drove, parked and went in. We found the PERFECT computer armiore. Get this, I found the exact same one online but I just found out that the shipping cost was a whopping $375 and I couldn't justify the cost. It was absolute FATE that we found the exact same one and the delivery is only $80. Nope, I'm not gonna tell you how much the cabinet itself costs. Lets just say that I'd have to give up my bi-weekly (or quad-weekly) iced lattes from Starbucks and Dunkin' Doughnuts.

I went out to the car to nurse Ella while Sonny does the transcation. He joins me some time later and we gloat over our amazing find. Suddenly, Sonny spies something odd... and my heart goes up in my throat.

Now I should explain something, it was a nasty thunderstorm outside, it was POURING. Streets were flooding, etc. It was so wet, we get drenched the minute we step out of the car. It was a small shiny black wet 'moving' thing couple of feets down the parking lot. It was moving forward. I told him, oh it's a giant slug.

Sonny HAD to drive up and take a look. He opens the door and turns to me. "It's a catfish?"


Sho nuf, it's a catfish. It was propelling itself forward with its little flippers. It was like seeing evolution at its' worst.

Today, I was checking out one aquarium website to find the location so we can go there tomorrow and I clicked on one link "Invaders" Apparently, that particular catfish was brought here and it really belongs in Asia. It is called a 'walking catfish' and it uses it's little fins to walk to the next pond if their pond dries up.

Here's a wikipedia link - it's not a hoax from yours truly.

Ok, now I feel a lot better. I was starting to think that there's something nasty going on in Florida what with the cat-sized rat in Lowes and now a walking catfish.

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bekah said...

I've HEARD about those walking catfishes before but never actually seen one. Man, too bad you don't have a picture!