Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's with those H2 Mamas?

Ash goes to a preschool in a very upscale neighborhood right next to the ocean. The preschool is at a Espolician chuch and the district is the Harbor Oaks district. Its gorgeous and I'd love to live there. It is also close to where Hulk Hogan and his family used to live. Yeah, we drove past his house! It's selling for 25 million! They moved to Miami and are currently selling the house. If only I had the money, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, it is gorgeous!

Anyways, the mamas who sends their kids there doesn't drive minivans, they drive hummers! Some have custom designs on the hummer like flowers and so forth. I have to admit that I don't like vans, they're too big and clunky but they have benefits to offer compared to smaller sedans. I feel a bit imitiated. They come rolling up in those big shiny hummers with shiny grille and wheels and hustle their kids in. They're very tanned, wear big dark sun-glasses and have their cell permanently attached to their heads. Oh yeah, those mamas. Their kids are adorable anyway. Ash seems to have a new friend already. Now I didn't approve of this but I thought it was cute.

The preschool has a small parking lot where we come in, park the cars and pick up or drop off the kids. When I was picking up Ash and starting to strap him in, the lil' guy came running up and started talking to ash, It was so cute but where's his mom? His mom is talking down the parking lot with another mother and a little 2 year old boy is running around the parking lot. Their car was parked next to mine but my point is, what if I didn't see the little boy and backed over him? I couldn't leave him standing by the car. His mom saw me and waved that she'd be over soon but she didn't run over right away. I guess she thought that since I'm there, I'd keep an eye out for her boy.

Well , yeah, of course I'd keep an eye out for her boy but that's only because I don't want to accidentally run over the little boy if I just decide to leave him and drive off or even worse, another car runs him over. I stay by the car letting the little boy talk to Ash. She finally runs over and thanks me but still... keep a grip on your kids. Seriously. In a parking lot? *shakes head*

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