Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I was going to post a blog after I took a picture of Ash in his t-shirt he made in preschool but he was such a BEAR and I've been waiting few days to post. I promise, when he gets into a better mood, I'll take a picture of him in his adorable outfit. :) I'm not telling you what and you'll have to wait! LOL I just want him smiling in the picture. He looks better that way. ;)

Anyhoo, things has improved. There are less roaches however, the past two nights, I SWEAR I felt a bug crawl across my arm and face. I can't sleep anymore. Roaches gives me the shivers. I have a spraying scheduled for July 9th. Die Roaches Dieeeee!

Remember the stove fiasco? We couldn't cook a hot meal since Wednesday so we've been eating sandwiches and eating out. We tried several new restaurants especially Boston Market. Boston Market rocks! George stopped by yesterday with a contractor and they ripped out the old stove and put in the new stove. The new stove is verrryy nice. It's some sort of a convection stove where it has two baking option - normal way and convection way. I have to research what's the difference but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. I'm just happy I have an honest to goodness stove in my kitchen that I actually can cook. I baked chocolate chip cookies last night and I'm tellin' ya. Those cookies were damn good!

I enrolled Ashton in a preschool environment at a church. It is very nice and fun environment and I'm totally wanting to live in that neighborhood. The Oak Garden district is a better version of the Mckennan Historic district in Sioux Falls. I'm betting ya, those houses there are probably half a million or more than a million in value each. It's that nice! The preschool is cute, they have those classrooms that open to an outdoor courtyard. Ash is in a class full of little kids, all 2 year olds. Today was his second day and he loves it there. He went in his classroom without a backward glance. Ashton spends a lot of time in the sun in South Dakota but it's funny, he's the palest kid in class. All other kids are tanned. You can really tell who's from South Dakota!

Things here are so different from SD! We drive on Lakeview Rd. to drop Sonny off at CSDVRS and there are several places along the way that strikes me funny. Most common names for family businesses are 'Rasmussen & Son" or 'Ellman & Son". This particular business is "Bob & Daughter' - you really don't see that in SD! I should take a photo but we drive too fast, it'd be a blur.

Another place had me taking a double take. I had to look twice to read the sign. There is a trailer park with a sign that says "Adult Park'. Ahem... you get my drift? Don't ya? Actually the sign says "Adult Park +55" for senior citizens to live there. It's true, the young is discriminated in Florida! I called many rentals and about half of those is only for 55 and up.

Perhaps I should send the photos to Jay Leno? :)

Ella is doing great, she is a happy and easy baby. She actually slept from 11am to 6:30 this morning. She probably would've slept longer if I didn't wake her up. She likes to be held all the time so we've been using slings a lot. Ashton is a regular 2 year old. He's definetely into his terrible two's. He likes to make messes and likes to challenge his parents' authority. I keep telling Sonny, he's two and manipulative. He's so smart that I don't realize I'm being manipulated until Sonny tells me and same to Sonny. By that time, it's too late. :) He's a great kid and likes to ride his little bike. He also really likes trains right now. I'm considering buying him a wooden train set but first I need to buy Ella some toys. She has no toys but she has tons of clothes though, really adorable ones. Ash also likes to help out on his own terms. He'll help unload the dishwasher but wont' pick up his toys.

Well, I better go boot Ash to nap-time. Hope he sleeps away his grumpiness and I get a good photo of his cute outfit, stove, and washing/drying machines. (Yeah, I got new machines and they rock! It's in my favorite color - RED!)


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