Monday, June 12, 2006

Here's some more photos. Ashton and Amber is doing fabulously. Ashton treats Amber really well, no pulling or grabbing, that kind of stuff. In fact, Ashton doesn't really acknowledge Amber. Amber on the other hand, she likes to chase Ashton and jump at him. I'll have to nip that in the bud right away. Amber is still calm as ever, exactly like I asked for! Amber has this irriating habit or not wanting to go to bathroom on the dirt outside, she prefers the grass and has resorted to going on the rock landscaping. I can't wait for sod.

They finally installed sprinklers but we can't install fence until they add sod and I don't know when they'll be able to add sod. I'm so fustrated because Amber and Ash likes to run around. Amber is really good about staying with us. I mean, REALLY good, staying with us! Sonny and I were digging holes and implanting trees, Amber did not wander off once! Now, Ashton, he's whole another thing, he has to run toward the road or toward the construction site. I can't wait for fence so I don't have to worry about him getting himself into situations that he should not be in the first place.

I'm still struggling with housebreaking Amber. With my old dog, Paris, she got 100% attention from me but Amber probably only get at least 50% attention. It's quite difficult with no fence. I can dump Amber outside and not worry about her running off but I HAVE to be there for reinforcement. Ashton must follow me outside then he runs off which makes this entire thing no-good. I also can't leave him in the house if Amber makes a piddle on the floor. I'm afraid Ash would track it around. It was so much easier in the good ole days with wood floor. I could leave it there while I work with Amber to reinforce that no peeing in the house but we have carpet, we have to be incredibly quick about it which is especially fustrating. So far, we've gotten Amber last thursday night, Amber has only gone on the carpet three times since today. She has gone on the kitchen floor several times which is ok with me because that's easy to clean up and can reinforce but NOT ON THE FREAKING CARPET.

We have a large superyard blocking the kitchen and the carpet for those situations where I absolutely can't watch Amber. See Exhibit A.

Oh, please bring the damn sod and fence! I need it SO BADLY. I'm getting really angry at Stencil Construction - don't use them, they take forever. My house isn't even painted yet. I. Need. Sod. and. Fence. Period.

What else to say? Not much really. Here's some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Here's Amber and Ashton

Amber and Ashton again, they look like they're playing together but Amber is only in it for the pleasure of chewing up his book which I'm trying to discourage.

Amber and I, I'm trying to play with her but she's more interested in chewing my jeans. Every-time I bring her outsie, she likes to chase my jeans and hold on the jeans while I drag her around. She doesn't do that with Sonny. Go figure.

here's Ashton in his favorite spot. Mind you, he doesn't actually sit and watch the TV that close! He just likes to open, go in play with toys, get out, get in, get out, get in. He doesn't sit there for more than 5 min.

Here's Ashton running to his mommy for a hug.

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