Thursday, May 18, 2006

To surrogate or to not surrogate?

I was perusing SF and came across this classified ad:

SURROGATE MOTHERS WANTED Fee plus expenses for carrying a couple's child. Must be 18-35 and previously had a child. STEVEN LITZ, ATTORNEY (317)996-2000

I stopped and gave it a 'thought'... Mind you, I wasn't just about to jump into that wholeheartedly but just gave it a passing thought. I mean, I would like to give a childless couple the same joy I get from my son. I have struggled with infertility before I had my son. I am not surprised that I will struggle with this again and Ashton may end up being a only child. I would love to give a childless couple their hope.

Then, I forgot about the ad.

Later tonight, I was channel-surfing and ended up on this show 'Outer Limits'. Outer Limits is sort of a spin off from Twilight Zone but just a bit more scary. This show was about surrogacy. I was thinking, 'Oh, thats a concidence', because honestly, how often do you hear about surrogacy in the same week, much less the SAME DAY?

Anyways, this show begins with a 20-something lady who apparently signed up for the surrogacy program to get some extra money and she's already pregnant. The doctor brings her in to a room with bunch of other pregant ladies in variety of gestation stages. They talk about why they want to do this, explain about policy and procedure. They stress the importance of taking some really nasty pills. Huh?

The first night, she foregoes the pills and has a terrible nightmare about the baby inside and dreams that she's bleeding. Not too bad begining, right? I'm starting to imagine that perhaps the baby is an alien and she got stuck into a experiment and perhaps she decides to keep the alien baby and live happily ever after?

That wasn't the case, her pregnancy progresses and she befriends a lady in the same gestation stage as she is. They are about 7 months pregnant. I should mention that there is a man watching them and following them. The friend calls her one night and is freaking about the pregnancy. Theres something sinister going on. She says that a man has been bothering her. The lady calms her down and calls the doctor. That night, the guy approaches her and tells her that the babies has been disapearing and he needs to find out why. She kicks him out.

The next day, her friend has the baby but they tell her that the baby was a stillborn. She questions the friend, and the friend acts all happy and nothing has happened. Suspense ensues. She meets up with a friend and things get more dramatic. I'm not going to go on and on about the details but at the end, the lady goes into 'labor' and ask the surogate parents to take her to any hospital and she already expressed her concerns about that practice. The parents bring her to the practice and the next day, the guy who's a FBI agent goes in to talk to her. She's sitting with her friend acting all 'happy'. The friend locks the door and then the lady opens her mouth and a nasty alien 'thing' shoots out and kills the guy splattering blood on the door. The gist of the story is that the baby is not a 'cute alien baby' but instead a parasite who grows then takes over the body.

Now... do I really want to be a surrogate mother? Anybody wants to answer that question?

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