Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My baby has gone psycho!

Ashton discovered his new 6 pearly-whites and now are testing those chompers! He likes to bite. That's the sad truth, he loves to bite. He bites and giggles insanely! His dad and I have agreed that he has no conscience! Meanwhile, as I type this, he has bitten me 3 times and attempted to bite me 2 times while myself is (bite 6) thinking about (Attempted bite 7) developing the world's first baby muzzler.

(Bite 8) I find that he likes to 'pretend' to bite to get a rise out of me. I can't help but scream in pain because, man! Those chompers are painful! Ash nearly falls over and giggles like a (bite 9, then attempted bite 10) deranged madman! He thinks everything out of pain (attempted bite 11) is hilarious, he has no mercy!

This saturday is his birthday party! He turns 1 this sunday! I'm so excited because I bought some special gifts and I have plans to make kabobs (or brats & burgers) and a cake just for him! (Of course, we'll get cake too! Chill!)

There's not really much going on except that I'm moving ahead and got provisional acceptance to USD. I will get full admission as long my first two class get B or better. I start classes June 26th and the month of July is incredibly busy. If you saw my calender, you would faint!

My house is going pretty great! The construction crew installed the sidewalk and the patio. We got a 16x16 patio which is HUGE. See pictures! They'll be installing dirt, sprinkers and sod very soon. We decided not to do landscaping but instead install a fence for Ashton and our newest addition to the family. We'll probably do few roses, flowers, etc but the brunt of the landscaping will be next year. I'm going to start a garden as well!

That completes my verbal diaharrea, until next time!

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