Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who wants PIZZA!!!!!

Wow! Our lil' Ashton has his first fundraiser and he can't even talk yet! His daycare is having a fundraiser to raise money for toys, learning computer games, playground equipment, kids table & chairs, craft items, and more! I would love to be able to support the fundraiser as Ashton and the other kids deserve the best stuff money can buy! A good daycare environment is especially important because that's where kids spend 80% of their time.

Family Daycare Fundraiser at Domino's
$10 per card, Buy a large pizza at regular menu price and receive a medium one topping pizza FREE. Each card has 30 marks so each offer is vaild up to 30 times. Expires may 31, 2007. Offer is valid at ANY Domino's Pizza.

Drop me a note if you want to purchase cards and support Ashton's FIRST fundraiser. I remember years ago in middle and high school, I sold candy bars for my class of 2004 fundraiser and I raked in a lot of moola for my class! We were able to go to Close Up in Washington D.C. with the money we raised.

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