Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We have a 'possible' buyer. The car dealership behind our place finally answered my email and said that they're prepared to purchase the property. Yesterday, the owner and a buddy of his came over to look it over. They stayed for more than a hour! Apparently, they have to check with zoning first and I'm nervous because I recently got a letter that my area has been declared a historical district. Haines or Hayes Addition.

Keep fingers crossed! I really want to move to the new house!

I have an interview in Pierre, the phonecall is so freakin' confusing. I used a videophone for calls and hows it set up is I make a video connection with a sign language interpreter and the interpreter calls for me and interprets for me. It works just like a TTY phone but I get to VIEW the interpreter and sign in my own language. It's so nifty! People can even call me too.

Back to interview, I got a phonecall from State of SD. At first they said they want an interview with me, I was like, oh great, when? The interpreter then said, ' no, it's interpreter signing mistake, they want to offer you the job.' I was momentarily shocked and didn't know what to say. Those times, I sure wish I have a TTY so I can read it with my own eyes. The interpreter repeated and still said want to offer me the job. I have never had an interview with them in the first place! In fact, I don't even remember which position I applied for with the state. I applied for about 6 in the past few months. I looked at the website and I don't find the job posting and I scheduled an interview with them on Friday 1pm in PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA. It's a big mistake to apply for the job, I only applied to add to my UI booklet register to quailify for the checks.


1.) It's in Pierre, SD
2.) If I decline job, Unemployment Insurance Div. will find out about it as I listed another state of SD job on the registery that I applied for. If UI contact (which they will) State of SD's Human Resources, they'll find out and demand repayment.
3.) I want to accept the job VERY badly, it's a government job, great benefits, and boosts me up career-wise.
4.) Honesty, If I decline the job, I lose insurance money, maybe required to pay back money down the road, I don't get my SSDI until July and I can't afford to lose my UI check or re-pay back until I get SSDI.
5.) Sonny doesn't want me to accept the job and doesn't understand the ramifications if I decline the job eventhough I explain to him.
6.) Sonny doesn't want to quit his job and I don't want him to quit his job, If I accept the job, we would have to drop the house in Harrisburg, live 3 to 4 hours separately for a couple of months.

Again, I really want the job, it's best for us career-wise, I realize that we would have to live separately for a while but Sonny is admandant that I must decline the job because he wants to see his son more often but I really CAN"T afford to live without UI checks or end up paying back until July when SSDi arrives.

I am really hoping, it's in fact an INTERVIEW not a JOB OFFER because if they don't offer me the job, I'm SAFE. I want to do this the honest way and Sonny doesn't understand. It's making me freak out for a moment because I don't know what to do and I keep telling myself and Sonny not to jump ahead of ourselves and wait till we find out anything on Friday. I'm also going to try to find the phone number and call them to reclarify. Stupid me, I didn't get phone number.

I have another interview on Monday as Development Associate for Special Olympics. If I get offered the job there, I'll accept it. UI can't do anything about that as I got two job interviews same time and have to decline one as I got another job.

I guess that's it and until then!

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