Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hazards of being deaf...

Today as we are bustling around the house, Sonny says:

Have you seen Tiger?

I say: No, not lately, must be prowling outside.

Later this afternoon,

Sonny: Have you seen Tiger at all?

Angela: Nope, must still be outside.

Sonny goes outside and calls for Tiger, he doesn't make an appearance.

We shrug and go back to whatever we were doing.

We decide to go window shopping so as we are backing the car out of the driveway, Sonny mentions that he has to pick up the poor dead pidgon on the road.

Angela: I wonder if Tiger did that

Sonny: yeah, probably

Angela: do you think Tiger is ok outside?

Sonny: I dunno

As the car creeps by the dead pidgeon -

Angela: I wonder if he's stuck in one of the cabinets?

Car screeches to a stop

Sonny: I know exactly WHERE he is! He's in the closet!!

Angela: (mildly freaking out) Which closet? How the heck he get in one of the closet?

Sonny turns off the next block to return to the house.

Sonny: I opened the closet by front door so I could get something, saw Tiger creep inside and I closed, I thought Tiger would nudge it open with his paws as he usually do.

Angela: When was that?

Sonny: Ahem, 5 o'clock yesterday

Angela gasps, car rolls to a stop in driveway, runs inside the house and to the closet. Opens the right one, no tiger? She opens the left one, there's tiger!

Angela then gives Tiger fresh water and runs out to the car.

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