Thursday, March 09, 2006

I have debated starting a blog for several months but couldn't find the right moment to actually start! I wanted the 'perfect' beginning for example, beginning with my son's birth. Right now it is 10 months too late! There is no perfect beginning and 'The Perfect Beginning" has not come up yet so I decided to go ahead and start. Why put it off any longer?

One of those days, I will post the birth story but now isn't the time. I'm still reeling from the birth of Ashton, our lil' man, and I don't think it will take 10 months to recover!

I will begin with the story of us! I am a deaf mom to an adorable little boy, Ashton. He's 9 months old and will be 10 months on March 21! I'm looking forward to planning his first birthday party in May! I will go all out for Ash! I am married to an amazing AND fustrating red-head Tarus, Sonny.

Here's my adorable son, Ash.

I am a stay-at-home mom, not by choice and Sonny works at CSD as VRS Technicial Support Supervisor. Ash is a stay-at-home son, by choice. I am still looking for jobs since I got laid off by CSD in December but as a requirement to collect unemployment checks. If there was a perfect job out there that paid incredibly well and enjoyable, I would grab it in a instant!

Please be patient with me because I do my best thinkin' while driving around, trying to sleep, and showering. If I could, i would get up in an instant and type it all down but I think it might be difficult to do that so I try to remember and add it to this blog. I don't think I really have the 'best' memory but I will try to put my most witty thoughts on this blog.

Ash has developed this really irritating habit of grabbing the laptop plug and pulling the router out and try to disconnect the cable, etc. I think he has a future apitude as a computer geek. Ever since he has become more mobile, he has become more independent which I try my best to nuture. I grew up in a independent family and I want Ash to grow up independent. He absolutely loves reading books! I just know he'll grow up to be incredibly smart! I imagine he'll be the CEO of a multi-millionaire company.

A Deaf Mom thought here: From time to time I would compare two worlds of hearing and deaf...

There is this general knowledge that most moms really really can't stand their baby crying. It grates on their nerves and increases the impulse that the mom MUST go to their baby and calm them down. Most dads are more lax about that because they don't really have the bond that a mom has with her child. The dad is more likely to leave the kid alone and let the kid cry it out.

What about the deaf mom? Being deaf, I really can't hear Ash crying at all therefore it does not grate on my nerves which makes me 'different' than other moms. Yet, it doesn't make me different at all. I have a permanent crick in my neck by constantly glancing at the lights & sounds monitor. Whenever Ash cries, the monitors shows red blips that increases as the noise increases. It doesn't matter if I can't hear him at all, this incessant blip makes me want to rush to my little boy and calm him down.

We are currently working on Ash to go to sleep easier by using the CIO method. "Cry it Out' where we would have to let Ash cry it out in his crib until he falls asleep. Ash calms down when he's sleeping with us but he moves around so much. It has gotten to the point that we MUST use the CIO method just so we can get some sleep. It has not worked several times because I can't just bear to leave him crying.

This time, it has finally worked because I had to coldly ignore him every night for 4 nights. It WORKS! Ash now goes to his crib without an complaint at 8pm every night. He just flops down on his tummy and goes to sleep.

There ends my 'deaf mom thought'.

We are going to Rapid City this weekend to visit the in-laws. (No, we are only going to eat at Piesano's *winks*) I'm just kidding, yet, Piesano's are irrestible! We plan to eat there as much as we can before returning to a Piesano's-less Sioux Falls. :(

Oh yeah, the grandparents will get to dote on Ash! Ash is just too cute and has them wrapped around his finger!


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