Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Saying Goodbye...

Jo is an inspiring woman. I know her from when she interpreted for me at various appointments and I've always had a blast with her. She is easy to talk to and she has a lot of enthuasim for her job as an interpreter. Actually, she has a contagious enthuasim for everything - her family, her job, and life in general. Her memory continues in all of us that have known her. She has kept her faith and joy in her battle against cancer when most would've lost. It really isn't fair that good and inspiring people like her get sick and pass away when we have so many bad people out there. She is a wonderful example to others, she kept her fighters gloves on and a upbeat attitude. She found out she had cancer in the spring, I believe, and she quietly passed away on June 10th at the hospice in Sioux Falls. The cancer advanced quickly and when they found out, it was probably too late. She has a wonderful husband and has two sons which she had late in life and loves dearly. She has a great enthuasim for life that she has passed on to her boys. Her youngest has downs syndrome and is adorable. He's much like his mama with the infectious personality. She is truly a wonderful person and whereever she is now, they are lucky.

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