Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slinking back to Blogger...

Yes, I'm back at Blogger. it's easier than uploading via iWeb. The benefits to iWeb, I can upload a lot more photos but takes longer. Whatever.

Well, I know you all want to see whats up with Ashton so here it is!

Again, I'm so sorry for not updating my website. I don't know what's wrong with me! To make up for this, here's a couple of my favorites from the past few months. :) Ash is doing wonderfully and he's talking a lot. He also signs a lot so that helps make communication a lot better. He is constantly on the go and is everywhere. I'm considering signing him up for gymnastics for tumbling class just so he can climb. We've been house-bound for a while and that has been a bit difficult since he wants to go outside and play. It's hard if the weather is really cold and he can't be out for more than 15 minutes.

This is at Halloween, we carved two pumpkins. Ash enjoyed spooning out the pumpkins.

Sonny & Ash showing off their creation!

This is my favorite. I have it set as a desktop on my computer. When I can, I'll have it printed out on canvas. I love this in black/white with his surfer hair and Tiger.

Sonny & Ash hamming it up for the camera. :)

This is another of my favorite. This is still when we haven't cut his hair.

Ash and his uncle. He likes to pick on Alex to play with his cell phone. We're at our grandparents for a nice visit.

Ash and his great-grandma, Evelyn. He likes playing with her cane. He thinks it's a fascinating toy!

Ash and his great-grandpa, Danny at christmastime.

We bought new sheets and blanket for our bed. Ash really likes it, hence, he's sleeping there! Right now he's sleeping in a mattress on the floor. He's finally out of his crib! A huge milestone to celebrate!

Ash and his mom on a quiet morning.

We made homemade play dough and Ash LOVES to play with it. He's always asking to play with it to the point we have to hide it! he's slowly learning his colors via playdoh and learned how to sign Tree, bird, etc from the cutters.

I have more photos coming later but I will send a e-mail update when I do get around to posting more photos!

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Christie- said...

Hi..I love that picture of Ash in the mirror. Didn't Sonny take that? I like the picture of you and Ash as well. Love you!