Thursday, June 08, 2006

Two things today.....

10:30am - I have job interview with city of SF for Publication Specialist. Wish me luck! I have been running around like an maniac working on creating my portfolio. Yes, I have experience but I was stupid enough not to save everything that I created. I spent two weeks catch up and produced some work. I think the print-shop will take a chunk out of my pocketbook. I'm still not quite sure if the maniac frenzy and the $$ invested is worth it yet. I will find out at the interview. I'll give you a peek at some of my samples later.

3 to 8pm - I haven't figured out when I want to pick her up but we're getting a goldendoodle puppy. She'd be about 8 weeks old now and I bought the basic items but I forgot the most important thing - TOYS. I'll be making a stop at Petco today. Here's photos that her breeder took. The hat is silly and I'll never subject her to anything silly like that again except a harley davidson outfit.

Puppy with her sisters, she's darkest red of the bunch.

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