Friday, May 19, 2006

More photos, I was uploading photos from my camera to get ready for birthday photos and found wedding photos plus couple others!

Sonny's new grill. Ok, I admit we're lazy. We already had a perfectly nice grill (small grill) and we didn't have a truck and didn't want to dismantle and it would have put soot marks in my car and all over us. We left it curbside with a 'FREE' sign. It was gone within an hour. We bought a newer and better grill and haven't looked back! Yes, we are lazy. Wanna say anything about it? Huh? Huh?

Here we are kidnapping Jenna before her bachelorette's party.

Bride and I at her bachelorette's party.

Here's Jenna and the bridesmaids before the wedding. We're just chilling around and enjoying the quiet before the big event.

Here's June announcing the wedding party at the reception.

Sonny and I

Me! One of those rare photos where you can see color of my eyes.

Ashton at the bride/grooms house day after.

The couple and I

I'll have more photos uploaded of the birthday party soon!

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