Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My gosh, I’m all revved up! I just got back from a surprise bridal shower for Jenna. Jenna is one of my greatest friend and she’s getting married on April 29th. I’m especially honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding party. Her wedding colors are gorgeous! Anyways, she was completely in the dark and very surprised! The party was a blast! It was so fantastic to see everybody. I brought Ashton with me because Sonny was sick and couldn’t watch him. I really have to find a list of babysitters for him because it was so incredibly hard to be involved in the party and watch Ash at the same time. It was so so wonderful to see old friends and co-workers. I miss them so much.

I am one of the party planners along with Katie and Deb. The theme is desserts galore! I made Blueberry & White chocolate bread pudding with amaretto cream sauce. MMMM fabooo! I also made cake hearts. See picture below. I’m thinking of starting catering but have to find someone who would let me cater for them.

Ashton is such a sweetheart. He’s walking around more often and just is so adorable. He walks like a chimpanzee. He crawls like a crab and now walks like a chimp… what’s next? We took him to the park. See pictures below. Since we have been having better weather, it has been exciting to finally get out of the house and take him to the park. He loves the swing and slide. I’m not especially fond of putting him in the sand for various reasons but otherwise; parks are fun!

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been especially busy and simply that I have nothing to say. I have writers block! I’ll either have writers block or verbal diarrhea. There’s no middle in between!

I had an interview last Friday with the state of SD. I hope I don’t get the job. I don’t want to move to Pierre. I’ll think up a good excuse if I do get an offer but I doubt it although. I had another interview last night with Special Olympics. I would like to think I kicked ass! I hope I get an offer!

As you noticed, our house is sold. We sold it for 139,500 to Vern Eide dealership. In a way, I feel like we signed away our soul to the devil because they’ll be moving the house to another location and razing down the nice lot. I’m hoping my sister is able to rent it out because it’ll be nice to see the house for a couple more years. We’ll miss the place dearly. I hope in a few years, we’ll be able to afford a bigger home with a bigger yard in the same area. I love houses with charm, as long there’s no wallpaper.

I got accepted in the Masters of Public Administration program at University of SD. I’m so excited to get started! I feel like I’m going off in so many directions and must pick. Obviously, the masters program is really important. With a child, I hope I’m able to stick with the commitment because USD is granting me a provisional admission, I’ll get full acceptance after two core classes I take gets a B or better.

Everything with Sonny is same old same old. He works, he comes home for lunch, back to work then comes home and chill out with Ashton and me. Tiger is himself as usual. I haven’t found any dead animals yet but the time will come – trust me. I’m wondering about the new home and what he’ll be up to!

Until later, Ciao!

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