Monday, March 20, 2006

Hearing Test today.

Today, I have to go in for the dreaded hearing test at 10a.m. I don't get it, why can't the state of south dakota accept my old records that I'm deaf. I can't just miraculously hear overnight! I have to go in because I'm applying for SSDI to get a bit of money each month since I'm disabled and unemployed. I dread the test because I have tinniutus and I'm always not sure if the sounds the machine is an 'imaginary' or a real sound and I have to raise my hands each time I 'hear' something. No worries, I know I'll not pass the hearing test and get an official records that I'm, in fact, deaf. I am deaf as a doornail. I can't hear to save my life. ha!

Ashton will only walk when we encourage him. It's so adorable, his face lights up and waves his arms in the air. I'm sure he's saying something. When he wants to go to point A to point B, he'll just crawl. Someday, he'll realize that he CAN go to point A to point B by walking and he'll do that soon!

We decided to go ahead and test giving him milk. So far, he seems to be taking it well. I'm hoping we can completely wean him off formula and that'll save us about $80 bucks a month, much needed moola! Next is potty training him! I would love to be able to save some money just not buying diapers.

Ashton's new favorite thing is opening drawers and either putting or taking things out of the drawer. He especially loves the cabinet in the bathroom, the TV cabinet drawers and the oven pots & pans.

Saw something interesting on Good Morning America. (Yes, I get up THAT early) There's a young guy in Hoboken, NJ who developed a website. His website's purpose is to dress him. The visitors on the site gets to vote of what he should wear that day. I missed the website but thought it was funny. He posts pictures of his clothes and gives free rein to the site visitors.

We took pictures of the new house, it'll be posted very soon!

Until next time!

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