Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hearing parents have it EASY! I think I only got a total of 3 hours of sleep and I'm running on empty fumes today... I forgot the pack'n'play for Ash to sleep in but I would not have used it in the first place because I STILL forgot the lights'n'sound monitor.

Ash ended up sleeping with me and Sonny and I keep telling myself that I would NEVER let Ash sleep with me ever again! But still, something happens like forgetting the necessary equipment for us to function properly and presto! Ash is in our bed. Oh why did we forget the damn lightsnsound monitor?

He moves so so much and I'm the world's lightest sleeper. It's especially worse since I don't have the monitor. My brain is immediately switched to 'Ash Mode' where I wake up to the slightest movement, slightest sound, and no movement at all where I wake up to make sure Ash is right by me. When I slip into a heavy sleep, I wake up immediately to check on Ash.

Sonny sleeps like a log. On some inner level, the little bad sonny is relishing the fact that he gets to sleep all night and cackling at how I have to make sure Ash is breathing and not crawling around. Sonny mentioned last night that his mom, Kim, would like to watch Ash while we sleep in. I was like 'reallllyyyy'! I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and kept reminding myself that for every movement Ash makes, don't worry, Kim will watch him and I'll get to sleep in when I never get to in Sioux Falls. I still saw the light at the end of the tunnel that somebody will let us sleep in!!!!! It ended up that nobody watched Ash for us to sleep in but no big deal because I eventually made it through the 100 hour night. I thought I wouldn't!

5:00 (6:00 Sioux Falls time), Ash wakes up for good... I'm mentally screaming 'Nooooooooo! Let me sleep, you little demon!' as I'm struggling to keep Ash in bed with me. Ash wants to explore everywhere and I'm trying to remember what did we do to childproof the room? Did we leave irrestible peices of paper lying around? Did I leave my attractive noisy glasses on the floor? Will Ash destroy Kim's crinkliacious mystery hardcovers? Will Ash find anything at all to destroy with gusto and relish?

The feeling of sleep is overcoming the feeling of making sure Ash doesn't destroy anything so at 5:45am, I decide to pound Sonny awake and make him watch Ash while I can get some precious little sleep I can get. He reculantly leaves the room with Ash. I just know he wants sleep so bad but I don't freaking care. I'm the mom here, I get the sleep I deserve!

I got two or three more hours of sleep but I want more. *pouts* Right now, it's 9am and Ash is sleeping, it's his nap time and Sonny has collasped next to him sleeping. I just know I SHOULD go up and check to make sure Ash isn't destroying anything while Sonny is out like a light.

OH yes, hearing parents are lucky. ALl they have to do is sleep and then wake up to their kid actually being awake. I have to wake up every 5 minutes in the 100 hour endless night to check if the monitor isn't unplugged, making sure the button to turn on the vibrator is on and so forth. A deaf parent's work isn't done at night.

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